Updating from 30k feet…. Sophy & Ear Food Vol 1 for FREE

It’s been a minute but I swear I’ll be updating this more often as I find it therapeutic to write centralize all music happenings. Right now I’m on a Delta flight (cue “Above the Clouds”)


…on my way to Red Bull Studios in LA to work on an album with Koncept and J57 from Brown Bag Allstars. We have some very special guests dropping in so ill be sure to update as the week progresses.

In the mean time….

Check out Sophy , an EP I produced with Sev Statik. I really dig this project and some of the work I put in to these tracks.


EarFood Vol 1 – I put together a “beat tape” of sorts together…all samples…I think you should scope that up real quick. Enjoy:



NEW PROJECTS LOCKED IN FOR 2012 – Pjkatz,Sev Statik LP, Pigfood Records Comp and Gorilla Tao video.

I have been busy on the production front. I have an untitled release with various MC’s set for Feb 2012 with features from J-Live ( http://j-livemusic.com/ ) and Sean Born (Mellow Music Group/Low Budget) just to name a few.

Check out Sean’s single “Go Hard” produced by Kev Brown.

Really, excited about working on this full length Sev Statik LP…we have some real gems on this one. Also (Pigfood Records) and we are planning to do a 10 song 12″ release this spring….

But in the meantime I had Gorilla Tao in the studio this week and this happened:


The Chronicles mentioned in Metroland as “Best Hip Hop Band”


The Chronicles are mentioned as the “Best Hip Hop Band” in the Albany,NY based entertainment news paper yesterday. Let me first say that it feels good to see that the hard work you put into rehearsals and song writing get noticed. We have been working hard this past year and have been on some exciting roads to better things.The write up was colorful and accurate….

“With gigs backing J-Live at the Beat Shot Music Festival and the upcoming Bella Terra and Brooklyn Hip Hop Festivals, the Chronicles are making a reputation for themselves as the baddest live hip-hop act around. With jazz chops out the yin-yang and new tunes at their fingertips every time they pick up their instruments, the Chronicles are always fresh like a Yankees fitted.”

Thank you Metroland!!

At the same time, why isn’t there a “Best Hip Hop Artist” mentioned? Why isnt there a “Best Electronic Music Artist” mentioned? Whys isnt there a “Best Polka Band”? I realize that this paper is for Entertainment purposes and is not up for peer review but…damn..a lot of people dedicate 24/7 to  their art and make good music and the “best” of those should be recognized….even if its for entertainment purposes. After-all, the clubs/promoters that host the Hip Hop/Electronic Music shows that these very artist perform at ….are paying Metroland’s bills. Its just feels a little funny to me that we are labeled as a “Hip Hop Band”…what kind of obscure category is that? Who’s the competition? I think we are the best “Instrumental band”…Foshow! So what say you?



The Chronicles @ Brooklyn Bowl with J-Live

The Chronicles with J-Live - Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest

So this past Monday we rocked out with J-live at Brooklyn Bowl for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest. Trip down was fun as shit as 99% of the band road in my VW MINIVAN…Had Zappa plays Zappa on the DVD. We chilled out at the Brooklyn Ale house for a minute…headed to East River Park and loaded in. I brought out the Korg Sv-1 and CS2x…perfect set up for J-Live.

Korg SV-1 and CS2x

The crowd was definitely into and J just bodies every show no matter what. Overall, was an amazing time and I meet some really cool peeps.  I hung out with “Dantheband” who is a dope keyboard/producer.  He is currently playing with Fabulous and has worked with others like Ryan Leslie. Check him out here: http://dantheband.blogspot.com/

Video of some performances to follow.

Check out J-Live here: http://www.j-livemusic.com/

I thought this would be a good way to kick things off. I produced/recorded this last year with my good friend and BDC conspirator Jeff Nania who is an outstanding Sax and Flute player. I actually made this beat years before hand and in 2010 , when I was playing more live music, I decided to write a melody to it….Its crunchy. I think I got the sample from an ELP record..Works Vol1 or maybe something off of Tarkus….  Download,enjoy and comments are appreciated!

Hello world!

I have been making music and playing out since I was 15 years old. It’s about time I start documenting my shows with photos,videos and crafty word play. So here goes nothing….other than everything else.

Hello. My name is PJ Katz. I am a live and studio multi-instrumentalist,music producer and lover of hip hop and jazz. Ill do my best to blog about my tour dates/live events,gear that I like and music I have been listening to.

Currently, I have my group The BeatDownCollective. If you were crate diggin and you found a dusty ol’ 12″ cover with Three dudes from the 70’s playing sax/flute,Hammond organ and drums. that’s not us…But we sort of sound like what you think that should sound like. Dirty live trio music you should be sampling .

I also play for The Chronicles and we are touring regionally and also the live band for Hip Hop artist J-Live.